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It may surprise you to know that I can actually be pretty shy. I have no problem getting naked for all the world to see, but I have trouble talking about myself. Pretty silly, isn't it? I am an easy going, fun loving, down to earth kind of girl. I love the little things in life, and yes I do take time out everyday to smell the roses. I take nothing for granted. Life is very short and I want to always enjoy every minute I have. We all have our ups & downs in life, but I find staying positive about things really helps. I surround myself with positive fun people and that is a big part to staying happy! I do get a lot of questions from fans and you guys bring me out of my shell. If there is anything else that you want to know, just ask me in the members section

I started my site in Sep 2011 WOW!! The years have gone by so fast! I am having such an amazing time with my site, I had no idea it would be so awesome! I plan to be around for a very long time..as long as you still want to see me.

I worked my way into solo video..and eventually toys! Oh yes..the joy of toys! Us girls should all have our own little stash..nothing to be ashamed of. I will admit I do not like or even remotely enjoy working out. I know I have to!! That is the absolute only reason I do it....not just for physical appearance, but more importantly to stay healthy

The birthday horoscopes of Capricorns suggest that these people are positive in nature, they are hardworking and humble. You can rely on them easily though they are great perfectionists. They are limelight seekers and well focused. They are also romantic and emotional person, so you need to handle them carefully. These are exactly right, as my horoscope says it all, 100% accurate.

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Q: What Do You Do In Spare Time? Answer: This web site is my #1 hobby. I love putting on various outfits and posing for the camera. I really do get into it. I love taking on different looks and personalities. I also greatly enjoy writing for the site. I write quite a bit for my site and for some other people... thats for my members :)

Q: Where Do You Purchase Lingerie? Answer: Lingerie shopping for a me seem like a tricky task, but the hardest part is over, my lingerie expert, Miss Neha select colours and different styles so that you people can wow me with love.

Q: What Sport You Follow? Answer: As for sports... the only sport I can play and am somewhat good at is golf. I used to be a fantastic swimmer, but now that is even hard for me. Wonder why? hehe! My favorite sport would be cricket.

Q: Apart From Toys Do I Enjoy Sex? Answer: Offcourse! It IS NORMAL to have a sex drive!! After 3 years of doing solo stuff only I invited my boyfriend (Harish) to join me. I was feeling the need to spice things up a bit. He agreed!! If you are wondering... I do only shoot with (Harish). I do not have sex with anyone else. No girls..no guys. Just us sharing our naughty fun with you all. Boy it sure keeps things exciting!! As for hobbies!! I have some of those!

Q: Do I Have Fetish? Answer: Not really! I like nice full lips ...I love a sexy smile/nice teeth...and of course a nice tight ass! As for a particular fetish..nah, I don't have one. I can pretty much find something I like in everyone I see! It might be external or internal. I think we all know what matters is what each person has on the inside. Looking good ultimately comes from within. I am sure you know some beautiful people on the outside, but once you know them..they turn ugly. And the opposite is true as well. Funny how that happens.